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Lightweight Body Technology
Aluminum alloy and composite materials for reduced weight.
Accurate Installation Technology (AIT)
Precision assembly with a self-positioning system.
Mirror Surface Technology
Multilayer composite material technology for a mirror-grade body.
The Ararkis Sandstorm: Pinnacle of Electric Hypercars
Experience a paradigm shift in hypercar design with the
Ararkis Sandstorm, our flagship model that redefines
the essence of high-performance driving.
0-100 KM/H
1.5 Sec

“Ararkis Automobili takes pride in its suite of advanced technologies, enhancing the Sandstorm's performance and efficiency”

0-100 kph in 1.5 seconds
500 km full charge range
80% fast charge in just *30 minutes
Dynamic Propulsion:
Powered by dual high-performance Custom EV Motors.

The Sandstorm's transmission is a testament to precision engineering, boasting a state-of-the-art single-speed.
Chassis Design

Carbon fiber and aluminum composite chassis for reduced weight and increased rigidity

Technical Innovations

Motor Technology: At the heart of the Sandstorm lies a pair of meticulously crafted dual high-performance electric motors, each uniquely enhanced to deliver an extraordinary combined power output. These motors transcend their conventional role as components; they embody the pulsating innovation that propels this hypercar to unprecedented levels of performance.

Far more than mere mechanical elements, these motors represent the dynamic force behind Sandstorm's excellence, setting it apart as a masterpiece in automotive engineering. Each motor reflects a commitment to pushing the boundaries of power, efficiency, and innovation, culminating in the Sandstorm's distinction as a pinnacle of automotive achievement.
Transmission: At the heart of the Sandstorm's performance is a cutting-edge single-speed transmission designed for rapid acceleration. This high-torque transmission efficiently channels power from the hypercar's dual electric motors, propelling it from 0 to 100 km/h in just 1.5 seconds. It sets a new standard in hypercar transmissions, emphasizing our commitment to innovation.
Chassis Design: The Sandstorm's chassis is a masterpiece of engineering, crafted from a composite of carbon fiber and aluminum. This unique blend not only reduces weight but also significantly enhances rigidity, contributing to the hypercar's exceptional performance and agility. It exemplifies our dedication to advanced materials and precision engineering


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